These are some examples of websites I designed. The photographs and ministry logos were provided by the client, however the design, custom graphics and the Invisapump logo, are all original work... except as noted below.

If you would like a website for your business, please send me an e-mail so we can discuss what your website could look like. Your cost would be based on a per page rate and not a per hour rate. This way you know exactly what your site will cost before you make a decision on how many pages you would like on your site.


The following sites are no longer active or the design has changed.

The African mask and border patterns were supplied by Roy Davidson

Some examples of web animations...

To see the animations from the beginning, please press the refresh button on your browser.

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The individual gif images that I used to create these "Dancing Sneakers" were provided by WebPage PowerPak from

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This original electronic e-Mail was designed in Adobe Photoshop and animated in Adobe LiveMotion

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