Take one miniture Schnauzer and one miniture Poodle, and what do you get? A Schnoodle!

Now, that is an excellent example of Synergies.

Digital Schnoodle
© 2003

Buckminster's Gallery

© 2003 Smeraglia Schnoodles

Bucky's first portrait from
Teddybear Schnoodles
Bucky and Larry from
Feathers and Fur Van Lines
Bucky's first day in Delaware
Bucky and Becky
Posing like a Pro after grooming
Bucky's ride home from the groomers
Happy Bucky
Schnoodles like to stretch out ... a lot!
Bring the Booda Bear
Bucky lounging with Booda Bear
Bucky and Mom See Eye to Eye
Now that Bucky isn't a puppy anymore...

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