Restoration of antique photography is a service offered through local retailers or via Federal Express for clients not near northern Delaware.  The restored photograph is printed using a professional Kodak DS8650 dye sublimation printer for excellent resolution on Kodak X-traLife materials.

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Customer's Comments
Thank you so much for working on the photograph of my grandmother. The picture was damaged from years in storage, and one corner of the photo (with her hand) was missing. I was amazed that you could rebuild her entire hand from something like that. Thank you for your time and effort.

Karen Woytowich

I was amazed at the results!!!

I thought this picture of my Mother was ruined and could never be saved since there was so much extensive damage the picture. The picture had been folded and in such bad shape, but with the techniques Helene used, she was able to save this picture and preserve my precious memories of my mother. If you want your precious memories preserved contact Helene she can help you save your precious memories too!!

E. Jones

Expert restoration of old photographs requires an in-depth knowledge of one of the image manipulation programs, such as Adobe Photoshop™, and the touch of an experienced photographer. Helene has had my admiration in both areas, computers and photography since we met over a decade ago. She has produced seamless repairs on photos for me that I had considered hopeless. If you enlist her to restore your photographs, you will certainly be assured the best results.

D. E. Williamson, Photographer and Antique Dealer.-

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